We have all heard the term ‘Superfoods’ being thrown around and advertised on everything from health blogs and the local cafes latest scoop of awesomeness to add to your morning smoothie. Apart from just being great media hype, do you know what it actually means and in fact which of these Superfoods is healthiest? Jennifer Di Noia of William Paterson University decided to find out which fruits and vegetables had the highest nutrient content, and her results were recently published in the Centers for Disease Control’s Preventing Chronic Disease.

The Top Ten Superfoods are:

#10 Collard Greens

Nutrition Score: 62.49

Collard Greens 

#9 Romaine Lettuce

Nutrition Score: 63.48

Romaine Lettuce

#8 Parsley

Nutrition Score: 65.59


#7 Leaf Lettuce

Nutrition Score: 70.73

leaf lettuce

#6 Chicory

Nutrition Score: 73.36


#5 Spinach

Nutrition Score: 86.43


#4 Beet Greens

Nutrition Score: 87.08

Beet Leaves

#3 Chard

Nutrition Score: 89.27


#2 Chinese Cabbage

Nutrition Score: 91.99

Chinese Cabbage

#1 Watercress

Nutrition Score: 100


By Alex Hills

GradCertEvidBasedCompMed, BHSci (Comp Med), AdvDipNat, AdvDipWHM

Alex has been a qualified naturopath and in the natural medicine field for over a decade. During this time has had the opportunity to experience almost every aspect of the industry. She has been in clinical practice, vitamins manager at a pharmacy, marketing coordinator for an organic skin care company as well as training other practitioner in an area manager role.

Alex now works full time at Research Nutrition’s Brisbane head office as the Sales and Marketing Coordinator to satisfy her inner tech-nerd and passion for educating both customers and patients in a fun and informative way!

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