This website is intended for retail stockists and general public who are interested in maintaining optimum health through nutrition. However, if you are a qualified health practitioner who practises from closed clinic rooms, you may prefer to visit our practitioner website.

Who Qualifies for a Research Nutrition Practitioner Account?

In addition to Research Nutrition’s products available to retailers and public through this website, Research Nutrition has a separate sector of our business that offers white label products and functional testing services to healthcare practitioners.

The following conditions must be met in order to obtain and maintain a ‘Practising Health Practitioner’ account and have access to ‘practitioner-only’ products and services, as well as any materials pertaining to them (such as technical manuals, product information, access to training seminars etc.).

a)  Products and testing services must be prescribed to patients by a fully qualified and practising health practitioner in the context of a private consultation.

b)  To be recognised as a Qualified Healthcare Practitioner, completion of ‘tertiary equivalent’ education in an ‘ingestible’ clinical modality, that includes training in clinical nutrition, from a recognised educational institution must be evidenced.

c)  To comply with the definition of a Practising Health Practitioner, evidence of current membership with an appropriate Australian health professional association must be provided. This must take the form of a CURRENT association membership certificate or TGA exemption certificate.

d)  Appropriate associations include those that govern registered health professionals and/or natural health professionals with clinical qualifications in the field of nutrition (For a list of Approved Australian Bodies see Schedule 1 of the Therapeutic Good Regulations 1990 at

e)  Under no circumstances should Research Nutrition’s practitioner-only product range be visibly stored or displayed in a retail setting (inclusive of online sales).

f)  Research Nutrition reserves the right to remove products and refuse future sale when stored or sold inappropriately.

g)  Qualifications must be approved by Research Nutrition to qualify as a health practitioner.

What if I have a health store with a clinic on the same premises?

If you would like to sell our retail product ranges on the shop floor as well as prescribe our practitioner-only products in clinic, we encourage you to open a separate practitioner account under the prescribing healthcare practitioner’s name.

In this case, under NO circumstances can Research Nutrition’s practitioner only ranges be sold on the shop floor. (Research Nutrition reserves the right to remove products and refuse future sale when stored or sold inappropriately).